Need Assessment of an International Nursing College in Thailand


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need assessment, international nursing college, nursing, education



     The purpose of this study was to examine need assessment for an international nursing college in Thailand. There were 329 participants, including 32 instructors, 35 international students, and 262 Thai students in international bachelor program in nursing. Sampling method was multistage stratified random sampling. Research instrument included need assessment questionnaires of an international nursing college in Thailand with acceptable reliability of 0.97. Data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Modified Priority Needs Index (PNImodified).

     The results showed that in the perspectives of both nursing instructors and students, the need of international nursing colleges in Thailand illustrated the average PNImodified of 0.721. The highest score from the assessment was study exchange with foreign institutions which received the score of 1.144 Followed by studying abroad as a part of the educational program, the score was 1.079. Moreover, the PNImodified from the instructors had the average score of 0.728, and 0.714 from the students. The first three items that showed equal rank between instructors and students, including exchanging overseas institutes, studying abroad as a part of the educational program and offering a double degree program with overseas institutes.

Our results suggested that the existing of exchanging networking between instructors, learners, and academics, as well as the availability of collaborative agreements with nursing education institutions abroad will provide a good support for International Nursing College establishment in Thailand.



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