Oral Rehabilitation with Mini-implant Retained Acrylic Partial Denture: a Case Report

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Boonlert Ronnakittipisut


Patients who lose many teeth in the mandible cannot efficiently utilize the conventional acrylic partial denture (APD) due to lack of retention from abutment teeth. To increase stability and retention, the mini-implant retained APD is used in place of the conventional denture. This report describes the treatment technique for a 75-year old man who partially lose upper posterior teeth support and most of lower teeth support. He received a mini-implant retained APD in the mandible and demonstrated favorable results during  4-year follow-up period


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Ronnakittipisut , . B. . (2023). Oral Rehabilitation with Mini-implant Retained Acrylic Partial Denture: a Case Report. Lampang Medical Journal, 43(2), 51–59. Retrieved from https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/LMJ/article/view/261781
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