Diabetie nephropathy in type 2 diabetic patients at Lampang Hospital

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Chutima Kanchanawong


Diabetic nephropathy is the most common cause of chronic kidne dieseases, and is associated with increasd cardiovascular mortality. Intensive blood glucose control to achieve HbAle < 7% and blood pressur < 130/80 mm Hg mitigates the incidence of nephordpathy in type 2 diabetic patiens. This study was conducted on 2017 type 2 diabetic patients. The prevalence of miroalbuminuria and macroalbuminuria wer 28.31% and 7.49% respectively. Risk factors contributing to diabetie nephropathy were high blood pressure, blood glucose, and triglycerides, low HDL, cholesterol, advanced age, and long duration of diavetes. The prevanlence of retinopathy was hither in patients with nephorpaty (26.62% with microalbuminuria, and 43.71% with macroalbuminuria). ACEL and ARB were used in most of the patients for blook ressure contro, which 37.53% of the total patients had blood pressure <130/80 mmHg, and 45.76% hsd HbAlc < 7%. ASA was prescribed in 6.57% of the patients with microalbuminuria, and 68.87% with macroalbuminuria, Education doctors and health care providers of desirable metabolic parameters as recommended
by ADA will help in improving diabetic managment, preventing and delaying diabetic complication, and reducing mortality


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