Cholangiocarcinoma in Lampang Hospital

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Chatchai Kosonsasitorn


Background: Cholangiocarcinoma was uncommon disease in western country. Most of clinical studies in Thailand were investigated in northeastern region.
Objective: To determine the patients’ characteristics of cholangiocarcinoma treated in Lampang Hospital
Material and Method: A retrospective descriptive study was conducted on cholangiocarcinoma patients diagnosed between January 2011 and December 2012 in Lampang Hospital. The computerized tomography scan, pathological report, tumor marker level and were reviewed. The data were analyzed into frequency and percentage.
Results: There were 111 patients with cholangiocarcinoma recruited into the study. The mean age was 62.1±11.2 year (range, 40-87). It was dominant in male (72.1%) and age group 60-69 years (32.4%). Most of the cancer was intrahepatic type (69.4%) and stage 4 (81.1%). Stage 3 was found in 18.0%. Curative surgery could be achieved in 9.9% and palliative surgery was obtained in 26.1% of patients. Most of patients (55.9%) denied or found in advanced stage beyond the surgery.
Conclusion: Most of cholangiocarcinoma in Lampang Hospital was intrahepatic type and found in advanced stage with poor outcome of treatment. Non-specific signs and symptoms usually brought to delayed diagnosis.


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