Management of Congenital Edentulous Space by Orthodontic Treatment Combined with Autotransplantation of a Mature Tooth: a Case Report

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Sutti Malaivijitnond


There are currently several treatment options available for replacing a missing tooth for patients with congenital edentulous space or tooth loss. Autogenous tooth transplantation is an option for restoring occlusion. This is achieved by surgically transferring a natural tooth from one location in the mouth to another in the same individual. This report describes a successful application of autotransplantation as part of an orthodontic treatment in a 20-year-old female patient. She had upper anterior protrusion and crowded teeth. In addition she suffered from lower spacing due to congenitally missing three mandibular premolars. The maxillary first premolars were extracted and the left one was transplanted into the mandibular left premolar area. A space had been provided here by a well-planned orthodontic treatment combined with an interdisciplinary approach. Within a total time of 28 months, the premolar space was closed with autotransplantation and a good occlusion was achieved. No signs of inflammation or replacement root resorption were observed. Periodontal status corresponding to that of neighboring teeth was maintained. The patient was satisfied with the result.


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