Oral Rehabilitation with Removable Definitive Obturator after Hemimaxillectomy: a Case Report

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บุญเลิศ รณกิตติพิสุทธิ์


Surgical removal of cancer in maxillary arch often leaves a defect that disturbs the patient
for chewing, swallowing, speaking and cosmetics. The obturator prosthesis is commonly used as
an effective means for oral rehabilitation. The author reported a case of 63 year-old man underwent
left hemimaxillectomy. The removable definitive obturator was constructed and described in detail
for getting the adequate retention, stability and support. Twelve years follow-up found prosthesis
in good function.


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รณกิตติพิสุทธิ์ บ. (2019). Oral Rehabilitation with Removable Definitive Obturator after Hemimaxillectomy: a Case Report. Lampang Medical Journal, 39(2), 81–91. Retrieved from https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/LMJ/article/view/179297
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