Selection of Thai Traditional Dermatitis Treatment Formulas

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Penpimol Jitwuthiwas
Suppachai Tiyaworanant


            Dermatitis is a common skin disease caused by inflammation of the skin. There are many of dermatitis treatment formulas were recorded in many scriptures of Thai Traditional medicine. The systematic review of dermatitis treatment formulas was not studied. The objective of this study is compilation and analyzing dermatitis treatment formulas from 6 scriptures of Thai Traditional medicine and selecting the formulas that have the appropriate performance for future development.

            The results, 378 dermatitis treatment formulas were found in 6 selected scriptures. In this number has 195 formulas was defined as external uses. In the number of external use formulas has 32 formulas that have all known and available components.  Only 3 formulas from 32 formulas were completely recorded the quantity of each component.  These 3 formulas are the formulas that can be prepared and kept as the finished preparation.  There are the dermatitis treatment formulas that have the appropriate performance for developing in research aspects and developing to be the future medication for treating dermatitis in patients.


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