Partial Sequence of rbcL Genes of Five Medicinal Plants in Chanthaburi Province

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Chawanrat Somnuek
Phisut Kanboon


Five rare medicinal plants in a group of “Chan Tang Ha” (locally known in Thai as Chan-Chamod, Chan-Thet, Chan-Thana, Chan-Daeng and Chan-Khao) found in Chanthaburi province were collected for this study. DNAs of plant leaves were extracted and rbcL (ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase large subunit) genes were amplified using the PCR technique. The PCR products were purified and their nucleotide sequences were compared with all other sequences in NCBI BLAST databases ( The results found that all samples could have their rbcL genes used for DNA amplification. Nucleotide sequences and morphological characteristics of the samples were considered. Chan-Chamod, Chan-Thet and Chan-Thana showed similarity with Aglaia sp. (99.08%), Myristica fragrans (99.89%) and Tarenna buruensis (98.69%) respectively. Two samples of Chan-Daeng were identified as Chanpha or Dracaena cambodiana (99.48%) and Knema sp. (99.43%). Finally, the morphology of Chan-Khao might be similar to that of Luehea paniculate (98.89%).


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