Preliminary Study of Effectiveness of Integration in Food According to Thai Traditional Medicine Belief and Medical Nutrition Therapy in People with Dyslipidemia

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Alongkote Singhato
Uraiporn Booranasuksakul
Narisa Rueangsri
Somjet Khongkhon


Dyslipidemia is a health problem commonly found in Thailand, and leads to a number of further complications. Medical nutritional therapy (MNT) was reported as effective in the health care process for people with dyslipidemia. However, encouraging knowledge of the role of food consumption according to the Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM) should be supported to promote  knowledge of Thai traditional medicine globally. This study therefore, aimed to investigate the effectiveness of integrating diet with treatment according to TTM and MNT in people with dyslipidemia. Forty-eight participants with dyslipidemia were divided into two groups of twenty-four. The intervention group received MNT and dietary treatment, according to TTM beliefs, while the control group received MNT only. The study was conducted over12 weeks. The results revealed that at the end point, there were no significant differences on blood lipid profiles of the participants in the intervention group and the control group. Low density lipoprotein cholesterol results in the intervention group compared to the control group were an exception. In conclusion, integrating food according to TTM believes with MNT was effective in improving blood lipid profiles among people with dyslipidemia.


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