Safety and Preliminary Efficacy of Thai Herbal Preparations, Luang Surat Cream (Luang Narin) and Thongnoppakhun Oil, for Treatment of Diabetic Foot and Pressure Ulcers

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Duangkaew Panyaphu
Anutida Tabmee
Nitapa Inchai
Monthaka Teerachaisakul


Diabetic foot and pressure ulcers are chronic wounds. Early intervention and proper treatment should result in complete healing without high risk complications. This study aimed to evaluate the safety and preliminary efficacy of Luang Surat (Luang narin) and Thongnoppakhun preparations in treatment of diabetic foot and pressure ulcers in 14 government hospitals in Surat Thani Province. It was found that 19 wounds from 16 patients were eligible for the study. There were no reports of adverse effects or allergic reactions throughout the period. Preliminary efficacy found that wound characteristics including texture, edge, and size of the wounds improved in almost all volunteers. It was concluded that both herbal preparations were safe and have the potential to be agents for the treatment of chronic wounds. Nevertheless, this was only the preliminary study. Further clinical studies should be performed for adequate evaluation.


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