Situation, Potential and Community Health Management Guideline for Local Economics: A Case Study of Thai Herb at Nakhon Chai Si River Basin, Nakhon Prathom, Thailand

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สันติ ศรีสวนแตง
Prasong Tanpichai
Tippawan Srijantr


The objective of this research was to study the situation, potential and guidelines for community health management for the local economy, case study of Thai herbs at  Nakhon Chai Si river basin, Nakhon Pathom Province. The key informants were the stakeholder in the herbal supply chain, ie community enterprise groups, health professional group, government official group and entrepreneurs. Snowball technique was used for select case. Collect data in various ways by observing, interviews and group discussions. Analyze data from multiple sources. Multiple methods with documentary analysis and content analysis. Presenting the research results by describing the description and empirical evidence. The results showed that the situation of Thai herbal medicines used top 5 were turmeric,

Andrographis paniculata and YaPrasa Maweng, Phraya Yor and Petchsangkradi drug, respectively. Community in Nakhon Chai Sir river basin has 5 community health management networks, namely Thai herbal community enterprise. Health professions Local administrative organizations, academic sectors and business sectors. Researchers discovered community power in driving the foundation economy as follows:1) The community has knowledge and experiences in Thai herbs that have been collected and used for a long time. 2) Strong herbs community enterprise and 3) The development network associate in Thai herbal supply chains are well cooperative. From the focus group of the herbs supply chain agents, the network of community health management has jointly proposed guidelines for community health management for the local economy in 3 dimensions: 1) developing awareness of community health management as a whole at all levels from family, organization to community 2) Development of a holistic community health management prototype to be a learning source, and transfer in the community and 3) promoting community health enterprise to produce throughout the herb supply chain.


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