Development of Body Mask Product from Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) Seed Kernel

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Suwaree Che-awae
Suhainee Khade
Piyanuch Suwannarat
Sirirat Sriraksa



This study aimed to develop a body mask product from tamarind seed kernel. The product’s physical properties, skin-moisturizing effectiveness, skin irritation, use satisfaction with the product containing 5% tamarind seed kernel and its packaging were assessed by 27 healthy volunteers. The skin's moisture was evaluated before and after using the product. Data were collected and then analyzed using basic statistics (percentage, mean, and standard deviation) and using paired t-test for hypothesis testing. The results showed that the tamarind seed kernel body mask product with best physical properties had a smooth creamy texture with medium viscosity, gray color with rice-milk aroma, no foreign matter and the pH value of 7. When tested in the volunteers, it did not cause any irritation. Among the volunteers, their skin moisture increased significantly (p < 0.05) and they were satisfied with the product at the highest level, and 44.4% of them were most satisfied with the jar packaging.


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