Knowledge and Attitudes about Medical Cannabis among People in Phitsanulok Province

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นิติรัตน์ มีกาย
Preedaporn Saijanket
Pimporn Nojan
Rassamee Suknarin


This research aimed to study knowledge and attitudes about the therapeutic use of cannabis among the people in Phitsanulok province. According to the multi-stage random sampling calculation, 400 people in the 20-59-year age group were recruited into the study. Data were collected using a knowledge assessment form and then analyzed using descriptive statistics including percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The results showed that the respondents’ overall knowledge was at a moderate level (mean score, 19.02; SD, 0.46). The knowledge levels were moderate about cannabis’s botanical aspect (mean, 4.33; SD, 0.43), medical use (mean, 5.55; SD, 0.46), side effects (mean, 4.82; SD, 0.47), and basic legal aspect (mean, 4.32; SD, 0.47); and the overall attitude level towards medical cannabis was moderate (mean, 2.95; SD, 0.37) – the first three highest levels being cannabis knowledge promotion (mean, 4.33; SD, 0.89), followed by current inaccurate advertisements about cannabis  causing misinformation (mean, 3.94; SD, 0.92), and cannabis’ therapeutic properties (mean, 3.92; SD, 0.91). Thus, the correct or accurate knowledge or information of medical cannabis needs to be given to the people as well as public health personnel; and positive attitudes on this matter have to be created.


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