Evaluation of Policies Promoting the Use of Herbal Medicine in Hospitals in the Ministry of Public Health in Saraburi Province in 2017

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Chavanvalai Meksawasdichai


The objective of this study was to analyze the use of herbal medicine in hospitals under the Ministry of Public Health in Saraburi Province in 2017 and to determine promoting factors and barriers of the use of herbal medicines, as well as changes in the prescription of First Line Drug policies promoting the use of herbal medicines. The researchers analyzed data from the data center database on drug consumption, diagnosis, and prescription. Moreover, the researchers also used self-administered questionnaires to collect the data on promoting factors and barriers of the use of herbal medicines. The subjects were 150 medical personnel who were involved in the prescription, consisting of two physicians, 18 pharmacists, 20 public health technical officers, 30 nurses, 30 Thai traditional medicines and 50 public health officers in communities. This research also group discussion with herbal experts to find ways to promote the use of herbal medicines. The study found that in 2017 the total consumption of herbal medicines in the province were valued at 11,447,794.47 baht, or 1.97 per cent of total drug consumption. The prescription is possible in the group aged 60 years, and diagnoses were mainly coughs, aching muscles, bones and joints. This research found prescribing herbal medicines other than the diagnosis syndrome. The value of herbal medicines increased, the value of antibiotics decreased. Prescribers reported that the top three restrictions for using these medications were 1) Prescribers not have enough information 2) Prescribers do not believe in herbal medicine. 3) The person who prescribes the drug does not know the necessary dose. The top three promoting factors for using herbal medicines were 1) The patient calling for the medication 2) Prescribing drugs according to policy 3) Prescribe medication as supported. Increased use of herbal medicines was found because of the policy on the promotion of herbal medicines. The development issues are developing all medical personnel to have knowledge and understanding about the use of herbal medicines, efficient herbal information search system.


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