Selection of Acupoints Used to Treat Angina Pectoris

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Sineenart Sartwej
Ladapha Kim-ing
Pakjira Khattiya
Chalittaporn Doungtib


The purpose of this research was done by analyze the acupoints selection system and techniques used in angina pectoris treatment. Method, collecting article regarding to acupuncture in the treatment of angina pectoris, used Chinese online database and Program Microsoft Excel, information from the articles were extracted and analyzed. Results, the 3 most commonly used acupoints were PC6, BL15 and CV16, and the 3 most meridians were Pericardium meridians, Gall bladder meridians and Ren meridians. Conclusion, acupuncture in the treatment of angina pectoris depends mostly on selection according to meridians, mainly the pericardium meridian and PC6 was mostly commonly used.


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