The Concept of Stress Management in Thai Traditional Medicine

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Supoj Pongwachararak
Vichai Chokevivat


Currently, stress healing needs prolonged medication with harmful side effects. This research studied the concept of stress management in Thai Traditional in aspects of mechanism, disease progression of stress, healing methods, and prevention from stress consequences. The research was a qualitative research. Data was collected through a combination of searching 9 Thai Traditional Medicine scriptures and interviewing of 9 Thai Traditional Medicine practitioners. The results are the followings: Stress consequences are caused by the 4 elements, season, age, the time of day, geographical features, and behaviors. Stress will initially escalate the fire element along with the wind element and diminish the water element. If stress prolongs, it will reduce the fire element along with the wind element and augment the water element. The augmented water element will be stagnated and then bodily waste will be accumulated. The amount of waste will increase gradually until it reaches a certain point that it will be detrimental to the earth element. Various diseases will then ensue. Symptoms will begin with digestive system, and then ascend to the head. Disorder of the earth element is caused by three parts which are the heart, nutrition, and bodily waste. Stress healing in Thai Traditional Medicine concept is done by bringing these three parts back to normal, rectifying the fire and the wind element, and nurturing the earth element. Stress prevention can be done by rectifying the 4 elements regularly, avoiding risky behaviors, and being optimistic.


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