Traditional Herbal Recipes for Leucorrhea: A case study of Southern Folk Healer Mr.Saturn Homkat

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Sirirat Loahaprapanon
Kanyatorn Yincharoen
Sarinrat Jitjum


At the present, there were several method of health care such as modern medical, Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, there were Thai people still rely on the traditional medicine treatments that belong to their local wisdom and important in Thailand. Their reasons are the convenience, money saving and the efficiency. In rural areas, the key person who takes the important role in local health care is the folk healers. This study aims to collect the information about the folk healer’s wisdom to be the base data for folk healer’s development and there were the best advantages in the social. Moreover, this information can be further applied to the health care planning. This study objective were general information, folk healer’s role, diseases and symptoms, and the types of treatment by folk healers who live in Thung Song, Nakhonsrithammarat. This is the qualitative research. There was selected folk healers by specific. Questionnaire was used as the research tool. The researchers focused on the folk healers who still treat people. The results showed folk healers lived in Thung Song, Nakhonsri Thammarat name is Mr. Saturn Homkat which specializing in the treatment of women for a long time. The medicinal plant use a recepi for the treatment of herbs 15 species. Herbal of recepi which folk healers used, it had effective in leucorrhea treatment. It was an alternative treatment. Clinical studies should be continued in the future.


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