The Association between the Zodiac Sign Based on Birth Date with Diseases and the Abnormality of Body Elements According to SamudhanaVinijjaya Scripture

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Vadhana Jayathavaj
Thabthim Yoysanit
Wannaphen Chotikul
Suwan Petchroong


The Sun is the center of energy of the Solar system. The Samudhana Vinijjaya scripture describes various zodiac signs which are connected to the Sun’s position at a particular date. People born under a particular zodiac sign are then associated with certain conditions, such as excess, deficit and disability, and body elements, such as soil, water, wind and fire. The 5,224 patients with 65,535 medical records were gathered from a district hospital. The Sun’s position by the zodiac sign of the patient’s birth date, or “sun sign”, was computed, as described in SuryaYatra scripture. The records were tabulated by ICD–10 disease code and sun signs. The top 20 ICD–10 disease codes by number of patients were selected and tested for each ICD–10 disease code. The ratio of patients in each sun sign was calculated (Chi-square goodness of fit test, a = 0.05, df. = 11). The results show that the ratio of patients in each sun sign of 9 ICD–10 diseases: J00, I10, R42, E11.9, J02.9, H81.1, M79.10, R53, and R51.0: are different. Both I10 Essential hypertension and E11.9 Non–insulin–dependent diabetes mellitus type 2 without complications are associated with Sagittarius fire deficit- and Gemini - water excess.


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