The Meaning, Process and Outcome of Herbal Therapy for Psoriasis: A Case Study of Mr. Anant Rebutr

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Jarinya Kaewtan
Wongchan Pethpichetchaen
Nutsinee Yodsaksri


This qualitative research of study aimed to identify the meaning, process and outcome of psoriasis
treatment with herbs. Two parts of informants were a folk healer (Mr. Anant Rebutr) and 30 psoriasis
patients. Data were collected from interviews with the informants; and then a qualitative data content
analysis was undertaken. The results of this study revealed that the meaning of psoriasis, according to
the folk healer, is a disease caused by a living thing in the skin; when heated, it would move to the skin
surface and looked like white sponge. The process was divided into three stages; diagnosis, treatment
and follow-up. The diagnosis was based on the severity and duration of illness before treatment. The
herbal therapies included herbal bath, decoction drinking, and topical application. During the treatment,
the patients must avoid contraindicated food; and after that the folk healer would follow up with
the patients. The treatment outcome: 80% of the patients treated with the herbal drugs had psoriasis
skin remission for 3 months to 3 years. This study provides an understanding of the meaning, process
and outcome of herbal treatment (use of local wisdom), which can be an alternative way of health care
that can reduce the risk from the use of modern medication in the long run.


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