Music Therapy in Palliative Care

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Puchong Chimpiboon
Pornpan Kaenampornpan


Music therapy is an alternative medicine that is beneficial to patients in palliative care holistically. Studies have shown that patients in palliative care who have received music therapy service have better quality of life than those who do not receive such a service. There is no significant difference in lengths of life in care. Moreover, music therapy is beneficial in the spiritual aspect. Furthermore, it can also decrease the levels of anxiety and increase family and caregivers’ level of service satisfaction. The purpose of this article is to provide guidelines for medical doctors, nurses, and other professionals who work with palliative patients. This article consists of (1) definition of music therapy, (2) process of providing music therapy service, (3) the music intervention in palliative patients, (4) level of music therapy practice in palliative care, (5) measurement tools which are used in music therapy studies, and (6) effectiveness of music therapy in palliative patients.


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