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Journal of Medical Globalization is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on the academic research from different areas, such as medicine, public health, nursing, and dentistry. Its aims to be the leading scientific journal to promote all other areas of western medicine and health sciences, including integrative medicine.

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Vol. 1 No. 3 (2022): September – December 2022
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֍ Original Articles

  • A comparison of elbow flexion and elbow extension on hand swelling after surgery in closed fracture of distal end radius: pilot randomized control trial
  • Impact of sexual history and life skills on unprotected anal sex: a cross-sectional study among men who have sex with men in Mandalay, Myanmar
  • Insights into the kidney tissue proteins signaling responded to sodium intake using multiplex quantitative proteomics
  • Reliability of the test of gross motor development second edition for children with Down syndrome
  • How to conduct the joint replacement surgery in many patients during “Happy Walk Operation Project” by New Joint for Life Foundation

֍ Review Article

  • Implications of ergonomic health risks on workers and ergonomic risk assessment: A review study based on different industry contexts


Published: 2023-01-21

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