Learning Strategies for Enhancing Growth Mindset of Nursing Students, The Royal Thai Navy College of Nursing

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Karuna Wongtienlai


            Mindset is a learning strategy that can be changed, modified and improved to achieve success. Mindset usually develops when we face challenges and obstacles when it happens, every children, both smart and unskilled can experience a constrained mindset but when they attempt an effort to recognize or combat problems, it can inspire them to turn constrained mindset into a growth mindset. The nursing students of the Royal Thai Navy College of Nursing are in the stage of their teenage lives where they face the greatest challenges especially they are in the military and they have to conform with rules and regulation and are being disciplined. This is the time necessary for them to develop a growth mindset. Learning strategies to reinforce growth concepts of the Royal Thai Navy College of Nursing uses the PDCA quality cycle to operate for the development of innovative instructional management, consisting of 1) emphasis on learners to be the owners of learning, 2) design learning activities, 3) learning process management, 4) assessment learning outcomes, and 5) reflection and feedback under the role of the teacher in enhancing the growth mindset. Learning strategies to foster a growth mindset was applied to the course of pediatric nursing and adolescent nursing practice in the pediatric intensive care unit in every process. It was found out that the students had self-development when they are challenges, problems, obstacles as well as learning to listen to criticism bringing success to others, as an inspiration for themselves and helped improve the learners to achieve good learning achievements.


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