Supportive Care Needs for Sexuality of Women with Breast Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy: Nursing Roles

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Supanee Klungrit
Kanoklekha Suwannapong


            Nursing roles in supportive care needs of sexual activity aspect for women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy are still an important issue these days. And it has been widely studied, seeking the right knowledge for appropriate nursing practice. Therefore, this article has been studied and reviewed the related content, extracted body of knowledge in 3 aspects. The first aspect is a concept of supportive care needs. The second aspect presents the sexual needs of women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy exhibited in 3 types of problems concerning: 1) Changes in organs function concerning sexual activity; 2) Loss of female image; and 3) Defective sexuality. The last part of the article presents the roles of nurses and supportive care needs for sexuality that covered 4 practices: 1) access to real information of supportive care needs for sexuality; 2) providing advices that is necessary and truly consistent with the needs; 3) giving help and support in real problem area; and 4) using psychological therapy to deal with sexuality problems; aiming for the nurses to understand, how to help and support women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy along with the spouse to overcome their sexual problems and continue living their life in balance, then apply knowledge into practice.


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