Effects of Self Regulation Program by Alcohol Drinking Reduction among Elder Person in Soem Sai Sub-district, Soem Ngam District, Lampang Province

  • Nukoon - Nusuk, Public Health Technical Officer Ban Tha Pong Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital
Keywords: Self-regulation, Alcohol drinking, Elder person


        This research is quasi-experimental research carried out to effects of self-regulation program by alcohol drinking reduction among elder person in Soem Sai sub-district, Soem Ngam district, Lampang province. The samples in this study were elder person. The 60 samples were divided into an experimental group and a control group in each group there were 30 samples. The sampling method was simple random sampling. The experimental group participated in a program to reduce alcohol drinking behavior in elder person. The program included activities to reduce alcohol drinking behavior among elder person as fellow: 1) self-observation 2) judgment process 3) self-reaction. The time for joining the program was six times and then compared the average of mean score of self-regulation and alcohol drinking behavior both between and within groups by repeated measures ANOVA.

          The study found that elder person in experimental group, the difference in average scores of self- regulation and scores of alcohol drinking behavior in before and after involved program was statistically significant at .05 level. In experimental group and control group, the difference in average scores of self- regulation and scores of alcohol drinking behavior in before and after involved program was statistically significant at .05 level as well. When analyzed by using repeated measure ANOVA showed that: the experimental group had an average score of self- regulation and alcohol drinking behavior increased significantly at level of 0.05 (P-value <0.001 )


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Author Biography

Nukoon - Nusuk, Public Health Technical Officer, Ban Tha Pong Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital

Public Health Technical Officer, Ban Tha Pong Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital


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