Tuberculosis Situation of Mae Tha District, Lampang Province

  • Naiyanun Suwannaganit, Registered Nurse,Maetha Hospital รพ.แม่ทะ
Keywords: Tuberculosis, Situation, Diagnostic


           This research was a retrospective study. The purpose of the study was to describe general characteristics of 239 tuberculosis patients in Mae tha District, Lampang Province, who were diagnosed        with tuberculosis and registered for tuberculosis treatment at Maetha Hospital from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2018. The data was collected by reviewing medical records.

          The results revealed that, from 79.50 % of male and 20.50 % of female, patients with weight less than 40 kilograms was 16.74 % of the population. The majority of tuberculosis patients were in the elderly group aged over 60 years, 59.83% while 83.68 % was tuberculosis patients with sputum lung infection. Among the population, the result also showed that 67.94 % was diagnosed with AFB detection by conventional microscopes that gave a positive result and 17.71 % was diagnosed by using Xpert MTB/RIF) report and 14.35 % received a negative result with AFB detection. Moreover, regarding the incidence of HIV infection in patients with tuberculosis, there was 2.93 % of the success rate of treatment which was less than 85 % while the rate of death was more than 10 percent.

          Tuberculosis operations in Mae tha district, Lampang province has not reached the target set by Ministry of Public Health, especially with the measure of more than 85 percent in success treatment and less than 5 percent death. Therefore, TB practitioners and other related persons with TB patients both in health care facilities and communities should participate to analyze problems, causes and guidelines to reach mutual agreements in order to improve the quality of life of TB patients, families and communities.


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