Fast Food Consumption Behavior of Teenage Student in Urban Area, Chumphon Province

  • นางจุรีรัตน์ - มัฎฐาพันธ์ กรมสนับสนุนบริการสุขภาพ กระทรวงสาธารณสุข
Keywords: fast food, consumption behavior, teenage


The purpose of this study was to study fast food consumption behavior of teenage student in urban area, Chumphon province. The sample group were 188 students studying in Vocational Certificate 1-3 chosen by Probability sampling from 355 students in Vocational Certificate 1-3. The Tools of this study were Questionnaire and In-depth interview. The quantitative data was analyzed by using Statistic, Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, T-test, One-way ANOVA, Peason’s Correlation Coefficient.

          The study results revealed that: Most of the sample were male, 16 years old, Vocational Certificate 1, They had nutritional status in general and they were received the expenditure from parents about 401 - 500 baht per week.         Their parents had knowledge in high level . Value, and Western-style fast food consumption behavior in moderate level.

          The different comparison found that nutrition status of the sample were the variables creating the significant difference in consumption behavior at p-value < 0.01 and there was no difference between other variables with Western-style fast food consumption behavior.

          From Correlation Coefficient, the knowledge about Western-style fast food consumption, way of life about consumption and Western-style fast food consumption value significantly had the relation with Western-style fast food consumption behavior at p-value < 0.01.


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