Lesson Learned from the Consumer Protection Operations by the Network of Bawal-Ral (Home, Temple, School and Hospital), Lampang Province.

  • Warangkana Suntep Lampang Provincial Health Office
Keywords: Consumer protection works, The network of Bawalral dot Ral, Community networks.


Consumer protection operations operated by the network of Bawal-Ral (Home,Temple, School and Hospital) which the group of people in the target area. Lampang province is the representative in the northern region that started a pilot project that name’s Healthy community in Na Kuam Neau community. In 2019, expanding the target area to Ban Pa Hiang community, Sop Tui, Chom Poo zone, and 13 communities from all district representative included to 28 communities, by aiming to develop the potential of consumer protection operations to be strong. The research was a qualitative research that the aim of this research were to 1) Lesson Learned from the consumer protection operated by the network of Bawal-ral in case of the results of operations. 2) The value of consumer protection operated by the network of Bawal-ral in Lampang province. The participants were selected by purposive sampling and consisted of the representatives from communities, temples, schools, hospitals, local administrative organizations, Mueang Lampang district health office and Lampang provincial health office 30 peoples. The research instrument were in-depth interviews, Participation Observation and after action review (AAR) by analyzing qualitative data with content analysis.             The results of the study showed that 1) The community had knowledge in the use of health products, food products and medicine correctly, able to protect the rights of consumers by themselves, including complaints in the event of the unsafe products passage through the leader of village health volunteer in community, checking the product label number in website or application of the food and drug administration in mobile phone. Detecting steroids contaminated in traditional medicine, food supplements by the initial test kit. 2) Values of consumer protection operations by the network of Bawal-ral in Lampang province such as 2.1) People in the community can transfer knowledge and experiences in consumer protection in the community through meetings, expansion training and home visits.  2.2) The creation of a strong community network, both in and outside the community, namely local administrative organizations and government agencies for supporting budgets. 2.3) Creating the healthy environment  such as adjusting healthy menus, reducing sweetness, fat and salty from entrepreneurs selling cooked food, processed foods, coffee shops, grocery stores in the community and promoting the selection of products with healthier choices.           Suggestions: should be extended to create a strong network and creating the environment in the community to be a Learning sources and further innovation for health and correct consumptions such as a community complaint center, a community group line in order to expand the results to the next phase of operation. Keywords: Consumer protection works, The network of Bawalral dot Ral, Community networks.


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