Alcohol Consumption Habits among Hypertensive Patient in Chiang-Sean Hospital

  • Apiwat Akarapattananukul School of medicine, Mae Fah Luang University
  • Poom Chompoosri
  • Chitlada Utaipiboon
Keywords: Alcohol consumption behavior, Hypertensive patients


        This descriptive research is to examine the alcohol consumption behaviors among hypertensive patients in Chiang-sean hospital, Chiangrai province, Thailand. Ninety-eight (98) patients were selected through an accidental sampling. The data were collected through questionnaires of demographic data, hypertension status, drinking status and type of drinking, The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), and perception of alcohol effects. The data were analyzed by Mann- Whitney U Test.

          The research samples were 52.04% male, and 47.96% female, and mostly Thai (92.86%) with the average age of 59.71 years old. This study revealed that the aspect of alcohol consumption behaviors during the previous year, 46.94% were current drinkers at an average amount of 4.78 standard drinks and shows that the median of alcohol drinking between male and female is statistically significant with 4.10 for males and 1.60 for females, respectively. Moreover, the frequency of drinking is 1 to 7 times per week (45.65%). By the assessment of AUDIT, the majority of cases were low-risk drinkers (58.70%), while the level of change behavior of the samples was mainly classified in the Preparation Stage (36.96%). Furthermore, it is noticeable that 7.14% of current drinkers indicates has lack of knowledge and misunderstood the effects of alcohol consumption that leads to hypertension.   

            Therefore, the study recommends that health providers should raise awareness on the limit of alcohol consumption in every hypertensive patient and educate them on the effects of it.


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