Lesson Learned Service Innovation "Collaborative Development”: To Get the Star Award in Thoen District, Lampang Province.

  • Mrs. kobkul sawongtui Thoen Hospital 96/5 Moo. 7 Tambon Lomrad Amphor thoen lampang province 52160




    Sub-district health promotion hospitals are extremely important to the public health system at the primary level. Therefore, development is necessary and important. The goal of development is to make people healthy, the staff are happy and have a sustainable health system. This research study is based on qualitative research. The purposes of this study was to distill the Lesson learned of Service Innovation "Collaborative Development": there is a change in the service system of the sub-district health promotion hospital to get the star award in Thoen district, Lampang province. The sample group consisted of the management team, district staff team and staff team 22 cases. The data were collected together with the development process during from January to August 2018. Research instruments are in-depth interviews, participant observation, After Action Reviews. A thematic analysis was performed to examine qualitative information.
The results revealed that: "Collaborative Development” is a systematic development of the sub-district health promotion hospital. There are elements in the operation, namely management team, district staff team and staff team who work together to develop the work to be successful within the context of time constraints and the number of personnel. The result after the "continuous development” operation continuously that is all can work quickly, there are 6 self-assessment sub-district health promotion hospital districts recruited as the star award. There are 2 setting in the province that have been certified by the regional health board 1 in the year 2558 and 2560.The Key success factor of "continuous development" was cooperation based on the understanding the work system, the unity of management team, district staff team and staff team through the morale and uniqueness of development



Keywords: Service Innovation, Collaborative Development,

      Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital Star Award





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