Triage Nurse: Beyond Main Process Through Practice

  • surat sukswang, Head Nurse ER.,Wang Noi Hospital wangnoi Hospital
Keywords: Triage Nurse, Patient triage



The purpose of an article is to review 1) history, the main process, role and characteristics of good triage nurse in the triage of emergency patients and 2) the triage nursing skills for triage nurse on The Emergency Severity Index (ESI) Version 4Triage Algorithm. In some hospitals, The Australasian Triage Scale or The Canadian Triage and acuity scale or The Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale หรือ MOPH ED. Triage may classify the patients

Main concept of the process in the triage of emergency patients were: 1) Patient arrival and “critical first look” 2) Screening for infectious diseases 3) Interviewing and assessing the presenting complaint and Vital signs  4) Making the triage decision and assign an acuity level 5) Assigning the patient to an area based on acuity  6) Provide symptom relief for patients assigned to the waiting area  7) Re-assessing & Re-triage waiting area patients to make the screening system effective. In addition, the triage nursing skills: 1) Public Relations Skill 2) Interviewing Skill 3) Critical Thinking 4) Communication Skill. In addition, Prevent or reduce the incidence of risk in patients. Patients should be evaluated properly and treated promptly, without serious complications.


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