Development of Sesame Spread for Healthy

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Keywords: Sesame Spread, Development of Sesame


This research aims to determine the right formula for the production of sesame horse riding hot spread. To test emptied of consumer products to spread the sesame horse riding. Study nutrition products sesame horse riding hot spread. Educational and marketing channel of horse riding hot sesame spread. By developing product formulations ivory horse riding before spread by experimental formula Spread bean basis by the formula spreads beans with sesame horse riding before testing sensory quality of the cuisine based on produce spray. the third recipe in the preferences, including appearance, color, taste, texture and overall liking. The scores of nine levels (9-Point Hedonic Scale Test) to test 100 people for research use standard preparation of formula 3 because the formula 3 has good characteristics of the spread of color, smell, taste and texture. Great Making it the third formula has been selected to develop the recipe. Educational products and distribution channels spread the sesame horse riding. The objective is to define a marketing strategy to increase distribution channel. And to study the marketing mix. The Strategic Analysis The results of the study of the behavior of consumers towards products Spread the sesame horse riding. Found that most consumers Spread the sesame-known horse riding. The data has resulted in the decision to buy a product: 1. Quality. 2. Price 3. The quantity and quality of the product packaging 4. 5. 6. brands and products they are using two strategies: 1. Short-term use. Integrated marketing communication strategies. Consumers need to be aware of the brand positioning products to create a clear and attractive product to look good. Reliability And to build the brand personality of a "leader" to keep more pronounced in the long run. A strategy for research and development. Research and development is an integral component of business success. It requires planning Testing and implementation as well as the costs.


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