Problems and Needs of Stroke Caregivers, Theon District, Lampang Province

  • อรพรรณ นันตาดี Theon District, Lampang Province
  • ศิริภรณ์ ทองคํา Theon District, Lampang Province
  • วิชุดา ศรียุทนา Theon District, Lampang Province
Keywords: Problems and Needs, Caregivers, Stroke Patients


It was inevitable to take care of the stroke patients without the caregivers in Thai context. However, stroke caregivers still faced with physical and psychological problems. The caregivers needed an advocacy to enhance the quality of care. The objective was to study the problems and needs of stroke caregivers. Descriptive study was conducted and the samples were stoke caregivers or relatives of patients who registered at stroke clinic in Thoen hospital and sub-district health promotion hospital in Thoen, Lampang Province. Volunteering stroke patients had constricted, broken and blocked brain blood vessel. Research instrument was questionnaires relating to problems and needs of stroke caregivers 109 samples were collected from 1 to 15 July 2015. The first part of the questionnaires consisted of demographic data of caregivers such as sex, age, status, patient’s relation, habitat, amount of the patients, care duration, perception and their own health. The resources for caregivers to take care of stroke patients consisted of time, budget and material. Result: Problems of the caregivers were lack of patient intendance, stroke knowledge, self- confidence and readiness. In addition they had their illness and took more times to take care the patients. Needs of the caregivers were adding or alternative, including the help from the local administration, volunteers, other hospitals and health funds. Conclusion and suggestion: Knowledge, intendance and skill should be emphasized for the caregivers’ self-confidence and readiness, Strengthened health and reduced duration are also marked. For example additional or alternative volunteers from the local community would relax and resulted to the best quality for caregivers of stroke caregivers in the future.


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