The Development of Reinforcement Learning and Teaching Model through Online Media by Using Facebook Group in Midwifery

  • พีรนันท์ พวิศาลสกุลวงษ์
  • สุมิตตา สว่างทุกข์
  • มณีรัตน์ พราหมณี
Keywords: Reinforcement, Midwifery, Facebook, Action research, Online teaching


Teaching session of midwifery subject through lecture format is now insufficient to respond to the demand of the learners as there are time constraints and inadequate and inconsistent communication. This technical Action Research aimed to develop the reinforcement learning and teaching model using Facebook group for midwifery 2. The data was collected by qualitative approach from the informants were 6 teachers and 20 nursing students of the 4th year, who were selected by purposive sampling. The tools for collecting data were verified for content validity. The data was collected by processes of observation, interviews, focus group discussion, and questionnaires, which took place from September 2016 to January 2017. Research methodology consisted of 1) planning 2) practicing 3) observing and monitoring of the results 4) reflecting and evaluating. The data obtained was then analyzed for qualitative data, theme analysis was used, and the data validity was proven by triangulation.    

The results found that: the reinforcement teaching model consisted of (1) the process of the model involved preparing, doing, observing and evaluating. (2) Four teaching factors comprised of team, tools, time and trust which involved teaching team, tools for teaching, online conversation and exchanging experiences respectively. Tools used for learning and teaching including video clips, handouts, digital files, mock exams, open-ended questions, discussion, online conversation 4) follow-ups for online conversation and 5) the stimulation for exchanging experiences. The supplementary teaching through Facebook group could increasingly benefit the learners in different area. The process supported the learners to apply skills and knowledge into the problem-solving and build network, unity, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-responsibility and midwifery knowledge. In conclusion, the model using Facebook group can be considered an option for promoting sustainable learning, with no restriction of boundaries.


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