The Development of an Education Program for Behavior Modification Affecting Blood Glucose Level (HbA1c) of Type 2 Diabetic Patients, Yasothon Hospital

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  • อมรรัตน์ สุนทรพุทธศาสน์ โรงพยาบาลยโสธร
Keywords: educational, educational program, health Behavior


This research is Participatory Action Research (PAR) which aims to develop an educational program for behavior modification of type 2 diabetic patients. A process of research is divided into three phases: an assessment period, an operating period and an evaluation period.  An assessing phase is to study the behavior of the type 2 diabetes patients using in-depth interview and focus group exchange knowledge and experience to obtain the suitable content to control blood sugar (HbA1C) in which it contains 1.) Perceived susceptibility 2.) Perceived severity and 3.) Perceived benefit of taking and barriers to taking action.

In an operating period, the data was derived by health behaviors modification of diabetes patient. It was designed by the researcher and participant together were each 10 and the diabetic patients and care giver applying has participation in an education program for behavior modification were each 34 participants for 5 months. Data were analyzed by using a statistic inference such as paired t test and 95%CI were set in a level of the statistical significance at .05

In an evaluation period after completing activity in 9 months, the research was found that mean score of blood sugar level (HbA1C) (  = 8.82, S.D. = 0.52) had a lower mean difference of blood sugar level than that of the before the participation (  = 8.87, S.D. = 0.56) with a statistical significance of  p – value<.05; 95%CI. The participant has improved clinical change include improved and healing diabetic foot, decrease of severity diabetic retinopathy and improved of diabetic nephropathy.

The result shows that an Education program for behavior modification developed in this study was affecting Blood glucose level (HbA1c) of Type 2 Diabetic Patients.


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