The Effects of Health Literacy and Motivation Application Program on Alcohol Drinking Behavioral Reduction of Male Adolescents

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Keywords: Keyword: alcohol drinking behavior, health literacy, motivation, male adolescents



This quasi-experimental design study aimed to determine the effects of health literacy and motivation application program on alcohol drinking behavioral reduction of male adolescents. Study samples were 108 male adolescents, the aged of 17-19 years old. Stratified multi stage random sampling was done to obtain 54 male adolescents for comparison group and  54 male adolescents for experimental group. The program included the development of 6 dimensions of health literacy:                      1) accessing to qualify information, 2) understanding the information, 3) communication skill, 4) media literacy, 5) making decision, and 6) management on alcohol consumption reduction. This program was implemented with the experimental group to increase health literacy for 12 weeks. The instrument used in this study were 1) health literacy assessment questionnaire for the Thai 15 years old and over, 2) the 3E 2S health behavior questionnaires and 3) the Alcohol Use Identification Test (AUDIT). Descriptive statistics, mean difference, paired t-test, independent t-test with significance at 0.05 were used for data analysis.

The results showed that the experimental groups had higher score for all dimensions of health literacy after program implementation than before program implementation with statistical significant (mean difference= 35.53, 95% CI: 30.75 to 40.32; p < 0.001) and alcohol drinking behavioral reduction had lower score  for all dimensions with statistical significant (mean difference = -8.46, 95%CI : 7.48 ถึง -9.43; p <0.001). In addition, Health literacy in experimental group were also higher than comparison groups after program implementation with statistical significance (mean difference= 28.40, 95% CI: 23.49 to 33.32; p < 0.001). and alcohol drinking behavioral reduction had lower score for all dimensions with statistical significant (mean difference = 8.64, 95%CI : 7.48 ถึง 9.80; p <0.001)

It is suggested that the application of health literacy and motivation program can contribute to the reduction of alcohol assumption behavior of adolescents


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