Screening tool of physical violence against the elderly with dementia for health volunteers


  • Suparat Ekasawin
  • Rossukon Chomchuen


dementia, elderly, screening, violence


Objective To develop a screening tool of the physical violence against the elderly with dementia for health volunteers.

Materials and methods Questionnaire was set into two parts: demographic data and factors associated with occurrence of violence to the demented. Total of 22 questions divided into two aspects: capable of providing care and factors on behavior, thought and mentality of the elderly and their caregivers. Samples were carers and demented elderly aged over 60 years from 6 provinces in a total of 167 samples. Violent occurrence indicated by primary care workers from women and child against violence team. Health volunteers using the screening tool, collected data. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, relationship analysis and psychometric property study.

Results Data return 167 samples. Found 4 questions associated with the risk of incidence. There were 2 factors of elderly and 2 factors of carers. Cronbach’s alpha was 0.75. Cut off score 6 points brought to sensitivity and specificity 76.9 % and 92.2% respectively.

Conclusion This screening tool is in good quality, easy to track demented elderly at risk for physical abuse in the surveillance purpose by health volunteers in community.


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