Application of community participatory programs for suicide prevention: a case study at Jarim sub-district, Tha-Pla district, Uttaradit province

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Yokfa Penglia
Sukserm Tippunya
Kannika Puksorn
Wichai Likasitdamrongkul
Sanguan Thanee
Somjit Luprasong


          Objective To develop a community participation suicide prevention program to reduce the incidence of suicide in at risk population.
          Material and methods The research and development technique was applied in 8 communities at Jarim sub-district, Tha-Pla district, Uttaradit province between December 2014 and March 2016. The program involved families with population at risk, community leaders, health personnel, primary school teachers and other community networks. The questionnaires were used to evaluated the program with further focus groups interviews. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, means, paired sample t-test, and Wilcoxon sign-rank test. The content analysis was used for the qualitative data.
          Result The model consisted of three programs, i.e. 1) reassuring the community leader and building social support network, 2) strengthening the health care team, and, 3) promoting mental health in primary school. The result showed that all groups have signifi cantly increased mental health literacy. The groups of families with population at risk, community leaders and other community network jointly developed suicide prevention and surveillance plan for their communities and created community network for psychiatric care. The health personnel also showed an improved psychiatric care and referral network. Finally, the primary school teachers were able to identify students with high suicidal risk behavior, provide the psychosocial support and used the social skill training media for grade 1 to grade 6 students. After 3 and 6 months of program implementation, no incidence of committed suicide was reported.
          Conclusion The community participation suicide prevention program could be used to reducing the incidence of suicide in at risk population.


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