Thai Mental Health 2007


  • Watchanee Huttapanom
  • Tavee Tangseree
  • Emhathai Srichanla
  • Priwan Romsai
  • Somporn Rungreangkulkij
  • Kaewjai Thepsuthammarat
  • Apichai Mongkol
  • Yongyud Wongpiromsarn


mental health, Thai


Objective To study mental health of Thai and  to examine risk factors of mental health problems.

Materials and methods The population was Thai who lived in Thailand. Multi-stage cluster random sampling of the Thai population was performed with 3,184 people. The instrument were Thai Mental Health Indicator with full version (55 items). Descriptive statistic were used to analyze characteristic data, risk factors to mental health problems were analyzed by odds  ratio (OR).

Results Thai Mental Health in the year 2007 was found to be at the normal level 75.4%.  People who answered having suffer had a higher risk of mental problem than those who did not (OR = 2.9). People who answered having health problems had a higher risk of mental problem than those who did not (OR = 2.2). People who were single or widow or divorce had a higher risk of   mental problem than those who were married (OR=1.6).

Conclusion In the year 2007, most people had mental health at the normal level. The risk factors  of mental health were suffering, health problems, and marital status.


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