Using Music to Reduce Anxiety in Labor


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music, anxiety, in labor


The delivery period is the time when the mother is subjected to pain. Suffers from uterine contractions to expel the placenta and amniotic fluid from the uterus. The pain it causes creates more fear and anxiety in progress of labor.  Anxiety in high levels during labor have resulted in increased secretion of epinephrine or adrenaline. Causing vasoconstriction,  increased blood pressure,  increased heart rate and the fetal heart sound faster as well. In addition, factors associated with anxiety in labor include physical condition with fatigue and pain during labor, preterm labor, low birth weight newborn and caesarean section etc. There are several ways to reduce anxiety during labor. The independent role of nurses focuses on improving positive emotions and improving awareness by educating the maternal to have the correct perception will reduce anxiety during labor. Using music is another way of emotional – focused coping. It will reduce the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system causing a feeling of relaxation and can reduce anxiety.

           This article written on the issue of using music to reduce anxiety in labor, addressing about anxiety in labor, mechanisms of music that affect anxiety, music rhythm, the type of music and the time spent listening to music to reduce anxiety and to be a guideline for applying to nursing for reducing the anxiety of the maternity in labor


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