Development of a Service Model towards the Success in Compliance with the Government Easy Contact Center Standard of One Stop Service Center, Chainat Provincial Public Health Office

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Arunrut Arunmuang
Chaiwat Singhirunnusorn


Background: The One-Stop Health Product Service Center of the Chainat Provincial Public Health Office, Thailand, has a mission to control and supervise health products before they are released into the market. It has been working to receive permission requests that meet the standards of the Thai Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, it had a plan to improve the service quality standard to a national level in 2019, known as the Government Easy Contact Center (GECC) standard. As a result, the researchers researched and developed a service model for success based on government center standards and convenience, with the goal of creating satisfaction. It met the expectations of the service recipients and continues to provide better services to the people unceasingly.

Objectives: This research aimed to create a service model for the One Stop Health Product Service Center of the Chainat Provincial Public Health Office to be in accordance with the standards of government centers for convenience, evaluate the development of service models, and study satisfaction with the services of the One Stop Health Product Service Center.

Methodology: This study was an action research between 2018 and 2021 by developing service model to GECC standard. It used a population in a service providers group at 12 people that included 10 pharmacists and staffs in the Consumer Protection and Public Health Pharmacist Group, as well as Chainat Provincial Public Health Medical Physician and Vice Chainat Provincial Public Health Medical Physician. Besides, the entrepreneur group at 117 people whose contact with the OSSC between January and April 2021.  

Results: The service model that met the convenient government center standards by modifying the service system between the pre-service and the service point by developing locations such as transportation systems, service systems, etc., and in terms of quality, such as providing technical personnel, having a database system, information technology systems, and providing online and call center services. As for the outcomes, it was found that the service provided by the government center standards was convenient and complete in all 3 criteria, 47 items, criteria 1, physical aspect, 14 complete; criteria 2, quality, 30 complete; and criteria 3, outcome, 3 complete. And when assessing service satisfaction as a whole, it was found that it was at the highest level, averaging 4.80 of the majority of the population with a bachelor's degree, 77.8%. They also found that the service system satisfaction was slightly higher than that of service personnel, averaging 4.88 and 4.75, respectively. According to the average service standards of 4.94, 4.88, and 4.87, the top three satisfactions were that there were enough channels to receive news about the service; the type of service was sufficient; and the staff were able to solve and deal with situations that arose.

Conclusion: The development of a service center service model for the comprehensive OSSC of the Chainat Provincial Public Health Office in accordance with GECC standards for convenience in all topics resulted in the highest level of satisfaction among service recipients with the service system and the staff in all factors studied. A new modern service model was created as a model of modern OSSC development.

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Arunmuang A, Singhirunnusorn C. Development of a Service Model towards the Success in Compliance with the Government Easy Contact Center Standard of One Stop Service Center, Chainat Provincial Public Health Office. TFDJ [Internet]. 2022 Aug. 18 [cited 2024 Jun. 14];29(2):82-95. Available from:
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