Service Quality Evaluation on Pre-marketing Control of Health Products, Chai Nat Provincial Health Off ice

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Arunrut Arunmuang


The research was to evaluate the successful implementation of t he model of Pre-
Marketing Control of Health Products that developed between 2017 and 2018 in order to achieve
speed and timeliness in the approval process, integrity and transparency in the service, and
enhance the clients’ satisfaction with the developed E-Satisfaction Survey. This study used
a quantitative research as the research design based descriptive statistics. The population and
sample was customers of the One Stop Service Center in Chai Nat Provincial Health Office from
October 2018 to June 2019. The research instruments included the speed and timeliness scale
in the approval process, the integrity and transparency scale, and e-satisfaction survey. Data was
collected then analyzed by using frequency, percentage, average and standard deviation.
The results of this study indicated that from the implementation the model of Pre-marketing
Control of Health Products And Services (developed between 2017 and 2018) in 2019,
the approval process could achieve speed and timeliness (100.0%), the service could achieve
integrity and transparency in the service (100.0%). Most of the clients had the highest level of
their satisfaction with e-satisfaction Survey in terms of content quality and design and layout
(mean = 4.78, SD = 0.21, and mean = 4.78, SD = 0.21, respective ly). The findings reflect the
successful implementation of the developed model. The developed model could be applied
as a prototype for service work and lead to the preparation of a handbook or guidelines for further
applications in other types of service in the other Provincial Health Office scope.


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