The Study of Using Preservatives and Synthetic Colors in Thai Pancake Burritos In Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya

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Suchart Thanomvaraporn


Thai Cotton Candy Burrito Pancake or Roti-Saimai (in Thai) is the most popular dessert among tourists visiting Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya. There are two main components, the dough sheet (Roti) and the sugar filling (Saimai). Some of Roti makers use preservatives to prolong shelf life or use synthetic color to attract tourists. Therefore, the Roti-Saimai safety should be concerned.This research aims to 1) Study of using preservatives and synthetic colors in Roti. 2) Assess the basic knowledge and understanding about using preservatives and synthetic colors in Roti of Roti makers. 3) Study the amount of preservatives and synthetic colors in Roti. Collect data by conducting interviews and randomly sampling Roti samples from 51 Roti-Saimai shops, which located in 3 areas of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District. 51 Roti samples were collected and sent to the Department of Medical Sciences for analysis.The research found that most of the Roti-Saimai makers answered that “did not use preservatives in the Roti production process” 56.86%. From those who use preservatives, most of them use a teaspoon to measure preservatives 54.55%.The preservatives are commonly from wholesale stores (90.91%).In addition, it was found that most of the Roti-Saimai makers answered “used synthetic colors in Roti production process”(94.12%). They used in powder form (75.00%) more than liquid form (25.00%). Every shop that use powdered synthetic colors does not use any measuring equipment. But using the approximate shift by tapping directly from the sachet into the Roti mixing tank.(One sachet can be used multiple times) For the liquid synthetic colors, most of them use the lid of a synthetic color bottle that comes with a bottle (58.34%) to measure liquid synthetic colors. Most of synthetic colors are obtained from wholesale stores.The basic knowledge and understanding about using preservatives and synthetic colors, found that all of Roti makers answered about the synthetic color label correct (100.00%), the hazard from receiving synthetic colors exceeding standard 56.87% correct, know the laws that control the amount of use and the legal offense if using preservatives/ synthetic colors exceeds in foods are equal correct 41.18%. And the appropriate equipment for measuring preservatives is 7.84% correct.27 Roti samples are examined for sodium benzoate (calculated as benzoic acid).All samples were found sodium benzoate. 81.48 % samples passed the standards according to the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health No. 389, BE 2561, Re: Food Additives (No. 5).The value of benzoic acid which found exceeds the standard is between 1,004 - 4,130 (mg/kg). 24 samples are examined for Tartrazine and Brilliant Blue FCF. 21 samples passed the Tartrazine standard (87.50%). The exceeding value is between 57.2 - 231 (mg/kg). 24 samples passed the Brilliant Blue FCF standard. Considered these two colors when used together according to the law, found that 21samples passed the standard (87.50%).


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