Management of the article quality evaluation process by TCI


Announcement on behalf of the Thai Journal Citation Index Center (TCI)

The TCI notifies the editor in chief of each journal in the TCI Center's database about the issue acceptance date (inaccurate) or the issuance of a paper revisions. For example

  1. The peer review process was completed in January 2020, but the article acceptance was issued before December 31, 2019.
  2. The editorial department should be monitoring the received date, revised date, and acceptance date was not correspond to real situation or process during the article quality evaluation process, also in the management  of the publication of articles in journals which deviate from actual

The above example is considered an act not in accordance with the Ethics of Conduct of the journal management. If violations are detected the TCI head office will immediately proceed with removal of the journal from the TCI database

Therefore, the TCI head office  requests cooperation from the editorial staff which is responsible for the proceedings of the journal supervision to ensure that the management of your journal is conducted with neatness, clarity, and accuracy in accordance with academic principles and ethics policy.

Announced on January 30, 2020

Prof. Dr. Narongrit Sombatsompop
Head of the Thai Journal Citation Index Center, TCI)

( : Translated from Thai to English by CDMH editorial office)

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Open Access




International Journal of Child Development and Mental Health is an Open Access Journal, and all articles are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download upon publication

The Journal Policy and Notify


Dear author and readers

We are delighted to inform you about our journal policy as follows: we publish every 6 months per issue and 5 articles per issue. With many interests from authors, now we already have articles in the press.

 We have got a process and publish online (online ISSN- is  2586-887X ) . Then, an article in the press for a hard copy will be on  its Publication Frequency of annually

  • 1st issue is on January - June 
  • 2nd issue is on July - December

An author who has a paper accepted by the journal, take matter around 2 weeks after submitting to get to know the result of Accept and need revision or reject.

1. * The inquiry of the abbreviation of the journal is: International Journal of Child Development and Mental Health
Short informal name is  " CDMH "
2. Publishing with CDMH Journal is free of charge
3. It is indexed in TCI tier 2, ACI, DOAJ, and Google Scholar and on June 2020 signed an agreement to get indexed  with EBSCO

4. It takes about 2-3 months since your submission until the manuscript is accepted. The journal provides in press online publication. The hard copy of each volume will launch on its time annually

A short protocol to submitting article online



PROTOCOL ON SUBMITTING ARTICLES ONLINE   1. Register as a journal member. Click here, for registration steps. 2. Upon submission of abstract, the author will be notified through email. Click here for the submission detailsNote: The author has to notify us if there was no response three days upon submission. 3. Within 14 days after acknowledgment of receipt (either email or discussion message) , an email will be sent to the author for the acceptance status of the abstract. 4. If the abstract is accepted, the journal team will provide acceptance documents. 5. The editorial team will process the submitted article. Under the oversight of the editorial board, the manuscript has to be double-blind peer reviewed by at least three experts. 6. The entire process ordinarily takes 3 months, and revision more often ask.