Dear author and readers

We are delighted to inform you about our journal policy as follows: we publish every 6 months per issue and 5 articles per issue. With many interests from authors, now we already have articles in the press.

 We have got a process and publish online (online ISSN- is  2586-887X ) . Then, an article in the press for a hard copy will be on  its Publication Frequency of annually

  • 1st issue is on January - June 
  • 2nd issue is on July - December

We would like to inform all of our members, research about our next issue, Vol 7 no 2; the January-June 2019 issue.  We are now in the quality process and revision of this issue. Ours re-verify for Thai citation index is in the process of TCI tier 1 of the Assessment of the quality of academic journals in the 4th round of TCI database 2020-2024 (News: (In Thai)

An author who has a paper accepted by the journal, take matter around 2 weeks after submitting to get to know the result of Accept and need revision or reject.

1. * The inquiry of the abbreviation of the journal is: International Journal of Child Development and Mental Health
Short informal name is  " CDMH "
2. Publishing with CDMH Journal is free of charge
3. It is indexed in TCI tier 1, ACI, DOAJ, and Google Scholar.
4. It takes about 2-3 months since your submission until the manuscript is accepted. The journal provides in press online publication. The hard copy of each volume will launch on its time annually