We would like to inform all of our members and researcher about our next issue, Vol 9 no 1; the Jan-June 2021 issue. We are now in the quality process and receiving article of this issue. Eventhrough, the Assessment of the quality of academic journals in the 4th round of TCI database 2020-2024 had been finished, we are now in TCI tier 2. But our standard still very strictly and keep tracking as standard procedure for an international journal should be. The 4th seminar of our journal, how to writing an academic article for publish in an International journal, that had been pospone to August 2020 will be move to next year 2021 around May. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar will be held next year. Our deepest apology for this inconvenient. Stay safe and take good care CDMH J team