The Influence of Protective Factors on Mental Health Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults


  • Sukanya Kanngooluem Burapha University
  • Pornpat Hengudomsub Burapha University
  • Jinjutha Chaisena Dallas Burapha University


mental health, older adults, protective factors



         Introduction: Mental health is associated with humans’ potential and quality of life across life span, including elderly.  Protective factors serve as positive factors that help promote mental health among these seniors. 

         Research objectives: This study aimed to describe mental health and its protective factors among older adults residing in Muang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

         Research methodology: This was a predictive correlational study  which collected  data with  115 older adults who met the inclusion criteria. Research instruments were:  personal information, mental health, health literacy, perceived self-care efficacy, optimism, religious commitment and practices, and multi-dimensional social support.  Cronbach’s alphas of the instruments were .88, .90, .94, .75, .88, and .91, respectively. Descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation coefficients, and stepwise multiple regression analysis were employed for data analysis.

         Results: Results revealed that the sample rated their overall mental health as normal (Mean=48.64, SD=4.50). The protective factors which significantly predicted mental health included health literacy (ß = .334, p < .001), multi-dimensional social support (ß = .279, p < .01), and optimism (ß = .189, p < .05). These factors together explained 32.04% of the variance in mental health (R2 = .320, p < .001).

         Conclusion: The protective factors which significanly predicted mental health included health literacy, multi-dimensional social support, and optimism.

         Implications: Nurses and healthcare providers should develop programs or activities using health literacy, optimism, and multi-dimensional social support. These are significant protective factors for mental health among the older adults. 


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