The Effects of Health Literacy Promotion Program on Teenage Pregnancy Prevention among Early Adolescent Girls in School under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration


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health literacy, early adolescent girls, teenage pregnancy, health literacy promotion program


       The purpose of this quasi-experimental study aimed to examine the effects of health literacy promotion program on teenage pregnancy prevention among early adolescent girls. Sample were girls aged 11-13 years old studying in 6th grade of primary school under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration of Bang Phlat District. Thirty students were recruited to the experimental and comparison groups.
The program included fourth activities and the duration of the study was ten consecutive weeks. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics including percentage, mean, standard deviation, chi-square, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, Mann-Whitney test, Independent t -test, and Repeated Measure ANOVA.
     The results showed that there were significantly different among health literacy promotion mean scores of pre-test, post-test at 6th week, and follow up at 10th week in the experimental group (p < .05). The mean score between experimental group and comparison group of the health literacy promotion were not significantly different (p > .05). The pre-test mean score of teenage pregnancy prevention behavior in experimental group was significantly different from post-test, and follow up at 10th week (p < .05) and significantly different from those in the comparison group. Moreover, there was significantly different between teenage pregnancy prevention mean score of experimental group and comparison
group (p < .05).


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