Uprighting Mandibular Second Molar Impaction

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Wipapun Ritthagol


The impaction of mandibular second permanent molars is a rare failure of eruption with the incidence approximately 0-2.3 percent. There are various causes of fail to erupt normally including hereditary, localized causes such as supernumerary tooth, odontoma, posterior teeth crowding,  failure in the eruption mechanism and sometimes unknown etiology. The most common characteristics of impaction is mesial impaction. Treatment methods will depend on the severity of impaction, both inclination and depth of impaction, by uprighting with orthodontic appliance, extraction or combined orthodontic and surgery. The objective of this article is to report the treatment of both left and right mandibular second permanent molars with the applied uprighting spring used at the Faculty of Dentistry, Prince of Songkla University


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Ritthagol , W. (2021). Uprighting Mandibular Second Molar Impaction. Thai Journal of Orthodontics วารสารทันตกรรมจัดฟันไทย, 11(1), 13–18. Retrieved from https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/THAIORTHO/article/view/247133
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