The Thai Journal of Orthodontics has been published since 2002. The objectives of the Thai Association of Orthodontists are to provide beneficial information to the general public regarding dental treatment and to disseminate interesting and advanced knowledge in the field of orthodontics, promoting education and research in orthodontics.

Roles and responsibilities of the editors:

  1. Reviewing, considering, and evaluating the quality of articles for suitability for publication.
  2. Conducting the process impartially and without bias or personal gain, while maintaining the confidentiality of the authors and qualified evaluators.
  3. Managing and overseeing the article process to ensure user-friendly accessibility

Roles and responsibilities of the authors:

  1. Submit original articles that adhere to the journal's guidelines and format, which should align with the objectives of the journal, avoiding plagiarism and prior publication.
  2. Ensuring the truthfulness of the articles and obtaining consent from individuals whose data is used to demonstrate the avoidance of neglect or infringement of personal rights

Roles and responsibilities of the reviewers:

  1. maintaining the confidentiality of unpublished original article data.
  2. Detecting and reporting incorrect or inappropriate articles for publication.
  3. Reviewing and providing timely feedback on article corrections, without bias.

Editorial process:

Any submitted manuscript must be examined by the editorial board and invited reviewers in the relevant discipline. Following are some steps in the editing process:

  1. Author(s) will be notified via an email when the manuscript is received.
  2. Three reviewers will look over the manuscript. The manuscript's potential and acceptability for publication will be determined by the reviewers. The editorial team will decide whether to publish after obtaining feedback from the reviewers.
  3. The three reviewers who were invited will conduct a double-blinded review if it is agreed to publish the material. 

Ethical considerations:

It is required that none of the articles have ever been published elsewhere and that there be no indication of plagiarism.