Perspectives of Community Enterprises on the Liberal Medical Cannabis Policy

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Nitiphol Thararoop
Pongpirul Pongpirul


The objectives of this paper were to study (1) the development of the liberal medical cannabis policy, (2) the approved community enterprises for growing cannabis, and (3) the farmer groups who wanted join the community enterprises for growing cannabis. Thus study used qualitative research methods such as document research and interviews with key informants, namely community enterprises that were approved to grow cannabis and farmer groups who wanted to join community enterprises for growing cannabis; and inductive data analysis methods were deployed. The results showed that: (1) from 2019 and 2022, the liberal medical cannabis policy has provided patients with the opportunity to receive treatment at medical cannabis clinics and allowed  community enterprises to legally grow cannabis; (2) in the perspective of approved community enterprises for growing cannabis, the policy aimed for medical use and income generation for community enterprises; and (3) in the perspective of farmers who wanted to join community enterprises for growing cannabis, the policy aimed for medical use and to give farmers the opportunity to legally grow cannabis. Thus, it is suggested that (a) the community enterprises that want to follow the liberal medical cannabis policy should develop their administrative systems according to the established standards and (b) the Ministry of Public Health together with relevant agencies should organize regional and local teams to be mentors and consultants for those that want to set up a cannabis growing community enterprise.


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